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A method and apparatus, in which video clips (and optionally also still image and audio clips) are stored as digital data in a computer memory, selected clips are displayed in elongated tracks on a display screen, and editing operations are performed on the clips in response to manipulation of displayed cursors and icons to assemble and preview an edited video program. Preferably, the inventive apparatus is a computer system programmed to display video, still image, and audio clips, and special effect icons, in tracks along a displayed time line. The system assembles a video program from stored clips in response to arrangement of displayed clips and special effect icons in a desired sequence along the time line. The computer system is preferably programmed: to select a new in or out point for a clip by positioning a cursor at an edge of the displayed clip and dragging the edge relative to the time line, to select a special effect transition between displayed clips by positioning a transition icon in a special track in alignment with overlapping portions of the clips, to select special effect parameters by manipulating an icon in a special effects track, to filter selected video clips with a mosaic filter having user-selectable time-varying filter characteristics, and to control superimposition of an overlay clip with a main clip in response to manipulation of a level control icon displayed in alignment with the overlay clip.

Method and apparatus for video editing with video clip representations displayed along a time line
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April 3, 1992
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December 7, 1999
Randy Ubillos
Fish & Richardson P C
Adobe Systems Incorporated
G11B 27/034
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