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The invention relates to a method for dephosphorizing manure, in particular pig manure, comprising of causing phosphate to dissolve, which phosphate is present at least partially in the form of phytate in the manure, separating the manure into a solid and a liquid fraction and removing the phosphate from the liquid fraction of the manure.

Causing phosphate to dissolve can be achieved in different ways, for instance by storing the manure for a predetermined period of time under conditioned circumstances, or by sustaining a continuous movement of the manure at a temperature of at least 15.degree. C., preferably between 20 and 40.degree. C., to allow free escape therefrom of formed gases, or by the presence of means for complexing divalent ions, or by the enzymatic decomposition of phytate present in the manure. The phosphate is preferably removed from the liquid fraction by causing struvite to be precipitated therefrom.

Method for dephosphorizing pig manure
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September 14, 1995
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November 30, 1999
Hendrik Kruidhof
Webb Ziesenheim Logsdon Orkin & Hanson P C
Ceres Milieu Holding
C05F 3/00
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