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Improvements in electro-optical instruments operable in body ducts, such as catheters, endoscopes, laparascopes and free travelling capsules adapted to pass through the body ducts. Methods for using same to detect and treat diseases such as cancer cells and body tissue. Medical materials, such as drug compounds usable with such instruments, are provided for detecting, marking and treating diseases such as cancer and preventing the spread of cancer. An instrument is provided which is capable of detecting a malady, such as a tumor, cancer,lesion, ulcer or other type of wound in a body duct of a living being which instrument may also be automatically operated to treat such a malady, such as by performing a surgical operation thereon.

Electro-optical instruments and methods for treating disease
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September 19, 1994
Publication Date
November 30, 1999
Jerome H Lemelson
868 Tyner Way, Incline Village, 89450
A61B 1/04
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