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The present invention tunes, or focuses, an input device's effective targeting capability to the task at hand in a computer system. If there are only 5 choices selectable by a user on a given active screen area on the computer's display device, the present invention logically constrains the input device's cursor movement is to only those five positions, no matter what pixel-by-pixel movement is actually being generated by the movement of the input device. The currently displayed area and its selectable subcomponents (e.g., radio buttons) at any given moment are determined. A logical map of these selectable items and subcomponents is created for use as a filter for input coordinates received from the input device, with each selectable item mapped to a "region" of the input coordinate field. Upon initiation of the present invention, a start point, in the logical map is determined from for the current location of the input device on screen cursor. A highlight is placed around the onscreen selectable item identified by the start point coordinates according to the map. All input device movements are tracked, and mapped to the logical map of the screen area. If at any time mouse movement causes the cursor to enter the logical region identified in the map with a different selectable item than the one currently highlighted, the highlight is moved to the new selectable item and the old highlight is erased. If the input device indicates the user has selected the highlighted item, the action associated with the item is executed. In this manner, the input device cursor will be constrained to move from one selectable item to the next and never be located in a position where an item may not be selected.

Method for efficient input device selection of onscreen objects
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September 17, 1996
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November 23, 1999
Stephen H Lewis
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Hughes Hubbard & Reed
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