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Apparatus and method are disclosed for selecting multimedia information, such as video, audio, graphics and text residing on a plurality of Data Warehouses, relational database management systems (RDMS) or object-oriented database systems (ODBA) connected to the Internet or other network, and for linking the multimedia information across the Internet, or other network, to any phrase, word, sentence and paragraph of text; or numbers; or maps; charts, and tables; or still pictures and/or graphics; or moving pictures and/or graphics; or audio elements contained in documents on an Internet or intranet web site so that any viewer of a web site, or other network resource, can directly access updated information in the Data Warehouse or a database in real time. The apparatus and method each: (i) stores a plurality of predetermined authentication procedures (such as user names and passwords) to gain admittance to Data Warehouses or databases, (ii) stores the Universal Resource Locators of intranet and Internet addresses of a plurality of expert predetermined optimum databases or Data Warehouses containing text, audio, video and graphic information, or multimedia information relating to the information on the web site or other network resource; (iii) stores a plurality of expert-predetermined optimum queries for use in the search engines of each of the pre-selected databases, each query representing a discrete searchable concept as expressed by a word, phrase, sentence or paragraph of text, or any other media such as audio and video on a web site, or other network resource; and (iv) presents to the user the results of a search of the Data Warehouse or database through a graphical user interface (GUI) which coordinates and correlates viewer selection criteria with the expert optimum remote database selection and queries.

Method and apparatus for selectively augmenting retrieved text, numbers, maps, charts, still pictures and/or graphics, moving pictures and/or graphics and audio information from a network resource
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June 9, 1997
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November 16, 1999
Allen Hobbs
26 E. 10th St., Apt. 8C, New York, 10003
Coudert Brothers
G06F 17/00
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