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In this picture signal converting apparatus, digital picture signals compressed in a DVC format are decoded to non-compressed picture signals of a 4:1:1 color component type which are composed of color difference signals and luminance signals. The color difference signals of the 4:1:1 color component type arranged in a matrix are removed on every other row to halve the number of color difference signals in a y direction, and a color difference signal is added to a position between each pair of color difference signals adjacent to each other in an x direction to double the number of color difference signals in the x direction. Therefore, converted color difference signals of a 4:2:0 color component type are produced from the color difference signals. Values of the converted color difference signals are determined according to values of the color difference signals. Thereafter, the converted color difference signals and the luminance signals of the non-compressed picture signals are combined to produce converted digital picture signals of the 4:2:0 color component type.

Method and apparatus for converting color component type of picture signals, method and apparatus for converting compression format of picture signals and system for providing picture signals of a required compression format
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February 26, 1998
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November 9, 1999
Daisaku Komiya
Tsutomu Uenoyama
Lowe Hauptman Gopstein Gilman & Berner
Matsushita Electric Industrial
H04N 7/24
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