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A gaming apparatus and method are disclosed in which there is a primary game and a secondary game that are dynamically linked, and the primary game can be won independently of the secondary game. The primary game may be won on each play of the game, and the secondary game may be won over a plurality of plays of the primary game. Primary game symbols appearing during plays of the primary game may cause: (i) movement of primary game symbols to secondary game display positions; (ii) primary game symbols directing play options of secondary game symbols; (iii) changing the options open to the player in his or her attempt to win the secondary game; (iv) symbols in the primary game being used as soft buttons to affect movement of game symbols from the primary game to the secondary game, and between symbol display positions in the secondary game; and (v) secondary game symbols persisting to subsequent plays of the primary game to help the player to win at the secondary game.

Gaming apparatus and method having an integrated first and second game
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December 2, 1997
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November 9, 1999
Robert P Barrie
232 Amherst Rd., Merrimack, 03054
Joseph E Funk
A63F 9/24
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