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The invention has a container (50) for a fuel (W) with at least a partial cover (55) in which there is a non-combustible wick (52) in a wick holder (100). Above the container (50) near the wick holder there is at least one roller or upright body (RK) or in the container (50) there is a disc of solid fuel (W) around the wick holder (100), whereby the fuel of the roller and upright body (RK) or of the disc is melted by the flame and cover heat and collected by the container (50) and/or by the wick holder (100) as supplementary fuel. The wick holder (100) is suspended in an aperture (56) of the container cover (55), so that the wick holder (100) is not in direct heat-tansmitting contact with the container base (50b).

Paraffin lamp
Application Number
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January 20, 1998
Publication Date
November 9, 1999
Hans Ludwig Schirneker
Langenbruch 18, D-59581, Warstein
Browdy and Neimark
F23D 3/16
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