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At the shipping department of a company, contracted outlets or outlets of delivery companies, information concerning the shipper and receiver are written into a label having a memory, but no controller or energy source. The label has a transmitter and the label makes use of power supplied by RF query signals to fetch the information stored and transmits such information to a label reader located either in a portable recorder or at sorting locations. After the information is written into the label, the label is attached to the package. Upon being picked up, the label on the package is read by a portable recorder which transmits the information to a main computer. The packages are then delivered to local hubs of the receiving outlets where information in the labels of the packages are read and the packages sorted according to the information in the labels on the packages and the packages are then delivered to either a central hub and/or local distribution centers of the destinations, where the labels of the packages are then read and the packages sorted accordingly for ultimate delivery to the receiver. Tracking numbers and other delivery information may be retrieved at any point along the way either by portable recorder or at the sorting centers and transmitted to the main computer for tracking and response to inquiries.

Package and mail delivery system
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August 1, 1997
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October 26, 1999
Thiet Pham
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Kiroku Kato
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Majestic Parsons Siebert & Hsue P C
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