05966126 is referenced by 392 patents and cites 9 patents.

A graphic user interface method for representing a search of a database, providing a plurality of stylized Venn diagrams each representing an intersection of at least two sets; receiving from the user, for each generic graphic icon, a selection of at least one region, defining an output data set; presenting the generic graphic icons on the graphic user interface as modified graphic icons, each having graphic indication of the selections; and receiving linkage information from the user for the modified graphic icons to represent a composite set inclusion property, based on the output data sets and the linkage information. Once a search is defined, it may be translated, as necessary, for execution by a typical database search engine. Retrieved results may be quantified and ranked by the interface system for optimal presentation to the user.

Graphic user interface for database system
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December 23, 1996
Publication Date
October 12, 1999
Andrew J Szabo
130 Washington St., Dobbs Ferry
Milde Hoffberg & Macklin
G06F 3/00
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