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A system utilizing a personal identification badge to collect data and to provide access to a computer terminal. The personal identification badge includes circuitry and transceiver components for transmitting identification information and exchanging other digital information with a computer terminal and other compatible devices. The personal identification badge establishes a wireless communication link with a computer terminal to allow a user to logon to the terminal. When a user leaves the computer terminal, the communication link is terminated, causing the computer terminal to lock the keyboard, blank the monitor, and/or logoff the user if the communication link is not restored within a sufficient time period. The personal identification badge includes means for encrypting and signing digital information. Adapted for use within a hospital, the system provides further means for establishing an affiliation between a personal identification badge and a patient, for collecting digital information from electronic devices that record or gather data regarding the status of a patient, for digitizing and recording dictation spoken into the personal identification badge, and for modifying the digital information so collected to conform to standards, such as those of a Java applet or the hypertext markup language, for interactive display on a universal display browser.

Security badge for automated access control and secure data gathering
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April 14, 1997
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September 28, 1999
Carlos de la Huerga
9190 N. Upper River Rd., River Hills, 53217
Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld L
H04L 9/30
H04L 9/00
H04L 9/32
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