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The present invention concerns a method, an apparatus and an article of manufacture that satisfies the need for determining whether or not an obstacle vehicle is in the path of a host vehicle. Specifically, the present invention satisfies the above stated regardless of whether or not the host vehicle is moving in a straight path or along a curved path. Preferably, input data ("input") is collected from instruments mounted to a host vehicle. The input is used to calculate for the host vehicle the average turn rate, the radius of curvature of the path being traveled, the velocity, and a range from the host vehicle to a obstacle vehicle. Additionally, the input is used to determine the deviation of an obstacle from a 0.degree. reference azimuth extending through the center of a radar beamating from a radar unit mounted to the host vehicle. An obstacle azimuth angle .varies..sub.i is calculated and used to determine whether or not the obstacle is in the path of the host vehicle. After a determination is made as to whether or not the obstacle is in the path of the host vehicle, the results of that determination are sent to and displayed by sensors and displays which designate the results.

Method and apparatus for in path target determination for an automotive vehicle using a gyroscopic device
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October 9, 1997
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September 28, 1999
Yashwant Khodabhai
Jaquez & Associates
Eaton Vorad Technologies L L C
G01S 13/93
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