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A medical diagnosis and monitoring equipment has wireless electrodes, which are attached to the surface of the skin of the patient. The electrodes comprise a digital transmitting and receiving unit with antenna and microsensors. The electrodes can be used, among other things, for decting EEG- and EXG-signals, as well as for monitoring body/breathing movements, the temperature, perspiration, etc. A preferred exemplified embodiment comprises an electrode comprising all functions in a semiconductor chip which, as an integrated circuit, is equipped with the respective sensor, sensor control, frequency generation, transmitting and receiving units, as well as with a transmission control unit. The antenna is arranged in this connection in the flexible electrode covering or directly in the chip.

Wireless medical diagnosis and monitoring equipment
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December 5, 1997
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September 28, 1999
Ralph Bax
Hauzenberger Str. 13, D-80687 Munich
Gotthart von Czettriz
Bernhard-Borststr. 5, D-80637 Munich
Marcus Besson
Wagnerweg 8, D-82041 Oberhaching
Collard & Roe P C
A61B 5/02
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