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A method for providing force feedback over a network supporting TCP/IP protocols by: (a) sending from a client computer over a network supporting TCP/IP protocols, a connection request to a web server connected to the network that is hosting a desired URL; (b) receiving and processing an HTML file at the client computer that was sent from the web server in response to the connection request, wherein the processing includes parsing an embedded force object reference having associated parameters and building a force object therefrom; (c) developing a force feedback signal with the force object; and (d) providing force feedback to a human/computer interface device coupled to the client computer in response to the force feedback signal. A networked force feedback system of the present invention includes a network, a first computer coupled to the network, and a second computer coupled to the network, where the second computer includes a visual display and a human/computer interface device capable of providing a second computer input and providing force feedback in response to a force feedback signal provided by the second computer. The second computer develops an image on the visual display that is associated with stored feedback information, such that the second computer produces the force feedback signal in response to at least one of information derived from the first computer and of the second computer input.

Method and apparatus for providing force feedback over a computer network
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August 1, 1996
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September 21, 1999
Sian W Tan
Mountain View
Louis B Rosenberg
James R Hickman & Martine Riegel
Immersion Corporation
G06F 15/16
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