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A radio frequency identification (RFID) tagging system for computer network assets comprises: an RFID host; a transponder tag attached to an asset in a computer network, the tag having stored therein tag identifying data, inventory data describing the asset and security data; an electronically erasable and programmable memory (EEPROM) adapted for operation as part of the asset; an RFID reader/writer for reading data from the tag in an interrogation zone; respective communications links between the RFID host and each one of the RFID reader/writer and the asset, enabling the tag identifying data and the inventory or security data to be transferred between each of the RFID host, the EEPROM and the tag, the inventory data also being stored in the EEPROM; and, a control arrangement in the RFID host and in the asset for enabling operation of the asset only in response to a predetermined communications sequence between the RFID host and the asset over the respective communications link, whereby the asset can be identified in the interrogation zone for enabling only an authorized removal of the asset and whereby operation of the asset can be automatically inhibited absent completion of the predetermined communications sequence between the asset and the RFID host.

RFID tagging system for network assets
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April 14, 1998
Publication Date
September 7, 1999
William M Maynard
Quarles & Brady
Sensormatic Electronics Corporation
G08B 13/14
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