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A spine fixation apparatus and method including at least one longitudinal rod mounted parallel to the axis of the spine and having a plurality of stem clamps adjustably mounted to the longitudinal rod. Each stem clamp has a stem extending outwardly therefrom with the diameter of the stem being identical to the diameter of the longitudinal rod. A plurality of C-clamps are provided and are mounted to the stems and to the longitudinal rods. A plurality of bone pins are provided and are used to preliminarily mount the spinal fixation construct to the spine to allow the surgeon to determine by X-ray the accuracy of the construct with regard to the spine. A plurality of innovative bone screws are used to simultaneously anchor the C-clamps to the bone and to the respective stem and longitudinal rod. The bone screws are configured with a smaller diameter at the distal end having threads thereon for threadedly engaging the underlying bone. The bone screw includes a threaded shoulder for threadedly engaging the Cclamp to clamp the same to the stems and the longitudinal rod. The thread pitch is identical for both threaded sections of the bone screw. A second longitudinal rod can also be used to create the spinal implant construct and be coupled to the first longitudinal rod through a plurality of cross-link plates.

Spinal fixation apparatus and method
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March 11, 1996
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September 7, 1999
Donald W Bryan
6151 S. Woodland Dr., Ogden, 84403
J Winslow Young
A61B 17/70
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