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The present invention provides for golf clubs, in particular woods, which include a three dimensional weighting system including at least two weight ports which are attached to the outside of the clubhead. The weights are directly axially aligned to, and form an equilateral triangle with the clubs center of gravity. The weights are preferably located in close proximity to the sole plate of the club in the rear toe and heel position. The two double sided, from top to bottom weights, facilitate vertical, horizontal and lateral movement of the club's center of gravity. The weights are made of various densities which can easily be interchanged to make the club lighter or heavier. This weighting system allows for individual customization of the club to increase or decrease the hooking or slicing of the ball. It also enables the club to have the greatest possible expansion of the moment of inertia, as well as the ability to lower or raise the clubs center of gravity to customize shot trajectory.

Adjustable weight golf club
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July 24, 1997
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September 7, 1999
William H Ryan
101 Delafield Ave., Staten Island, 10301
Dechert Price & Rhoads
A63B 53/04
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