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Method and apparatus for monitoring and reporting handwashing at a washstation employs a sensor for signaling the dispensation of a cleaning agent from a dispenser, and a reporting and monitoring module. The module in turn includes an input element, an output element, a processor and memory. The module operates in employee and administrator modes. In the employee mode, the module, responsive to the receipt of input data identifying an employee and of the signaling of the dispensation of the cleaning agent, stores a compliance data record in the memory for reporting to an administrator. Compliance data can include the employee identifying data, and the time and/or the date. Upon receipt of input data identifying an administrator, the module recognizes the code and enters the administrator mode, displaying compliance data on a display for review. The reporting and monitoring module can also include provision for transferring data records from the module to a data recorder. The apparatus of the invention is intended to install quickly and easily, at lower cost, in a wide variety of wash stations, and can be used with existing, preinstalled soap dispensers.

Method and apparatus for monitoring and reporting handwashing
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February 11, 1998
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August 31, 1999
William M Gorra
West Hartford
McCormick Paulding & Huber
Simoniz USA
G08B 23/00
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