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A pilot computer can control the Web browser of at least one passenger computer. The user of the passenger computer is instructed to log onto a control site, which downloads an active control, such as an applet, to the passenger computer. An active control is also provided to the pilot computer. If the pilot computer desires to present a particular Web page to both the pilot computer and the passenger computer for, e.g., discussing the page during a conference call, the pilot computer transmits the appropriate URL to the control site, which then retrieves the Web page. Next, the control site sanitizes the page by disabling its hyperlinks, and then the control site causes the passenger computer's active control to download the sanitized page. Also, the control site filters the page such that the hyperlinks are not disabled, but are rather encoded to point back to the control site, and this filtered page is downloaded to the pilot computer. The pilot computer can then "click" on a hyperlink, causing the control site to decode the hyperlink, retrieve the appropriate Web page, and instruct the passenger computer's active control to download the page after sanitizing the page.

Collaborative web browser
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October 4, 1996
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August 31, 1999
Andrew W Scherpbier
San Diego
Lyon & Lyon
Contigo Software
G06F 15/17
G06F 13/38
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