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For professional use in table games of chance with playing cards and gaming chips (jettons), in particular the game of "Black Jack", the to provide invention is to provide an automatically working apparatus which will register and evaluate all phases of the run of the game automatically. This is achieved by a card shoe with an integrated device for recognition of the value of the drawn cards (3') (optical recognition device and mirroring into a CCD-image converter); photodiodes (52) arranged under the table cloth (51) in order to register separately the casino light passing through each area (53, 54) for placing the gaming chips (41) and areas (55, 56) for placing the playing cards (3) in dependence of the arrangement or movement of the jettons and playing cards on the mentioned areas; a device for automatic recognition of each bet (scanner to register the color of the jettons, or a RFID-system comprising a S/R station and jettons with integrated transponder); an EDP program created in accordance with the gaming rules to evaluate and store all data transmitted from the functional devices to the computer; and a monitor to display the run of the game and players' wins.

Gaming equipment for professional use of table games with playing cards and gaming chips, in particular for the game of "black jack"
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March 27, 1997
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August 24, 1999
Michail Order
Ostlandstrasse 96, Koln
Michael J Striker
G06F 15/28
A63F 9/24
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