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A device for the production of oils by pressing and extracting a raw material containing oleiferous or extractable substances in the presence of a liquid or supercritical extraction agent. The device includes an inlet for said raw material, a substantially cylindrical pressing body having outlets for oils and being connected to said inlet, and a press screw movably provided in said cylindrical pressing body whereby said raw material is transported from said inlet into said pressing body and therefrom to a discharge outlet while being pressed. In addition, the pressing body is proof-sealed against its surroundings by a jacket and the press screw and/or the pressing body include outlets wherethrough a liquid extraction agent may be introduced into said raw material present in said pressing body. At the outlet of said pressing body, a pipe permitting degassing of the press cake discharged from the press by applying a vacuum, thus removing the solvent from it, may be provided.

Device and process for the production of oils or other extractable substances
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October 27, 1997
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August 17, 1999
Nikolaus Foidl
Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch
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C11B 1/06
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