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The system includes a first card-like unit adapted to communicate with a second unit giving only conditionally access to a function. Both units are capable of running software for generating a password by means of encryption of a plurality of dynamic variables produced separately but in concert (so as to have a predetermined relationship, such as identity, with one another) in the units. The encryption is carried out in each unit by a public algorithm using a dynamically varying encryption key. Each time an access request is issued by a card user, the key is modified as a function of the number of access requests previously formulated by the card user. Access to the function is granted when the passwords generated in the units have a predetermined relationship (such as identity) with each other. In a "virtual token" implementation, the first unit can be a smart card, which stores the dynamic key and the variable representing the number of formulated authentication requests and executes an encryption algorithm, a smart card reader and a computer such as a personal computer. Either the smart card reader or the personal computer can generate the time dependent variable. In a "software token" implementation, the functions of the first unit are performed by a personal computer, thus eliminating the need for a smart card or a smart card reader.

System and method for user authentication employing dynamic encryption variables
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October 2, 1997
Publication Date
August 10, 1999
Yves Audebert
Foster City
Stevens Davis Miller & Mosher L
G06K 5/00
H04L 9/00
H04K 1/00
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