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A connector connecting structure capable of smoothly connecting connectors, for example, on a vehicle door trim and on a door panel respectively, even in case of the door trim slantingly approaching the door panel. A projection having a terminal conductor is orthogonally arranged on a substrate and is rotatable about a flexible portion as a supporting point, while a slant guide corresponding to the projection is formed on a connector corresponding to the projection for enabling the projection to be inserted into the connector slidingly and rotatively along the slant guide. Practically, a vehicle door trim functions as a substrate and a connector is provided on a vehicle door panel for enabling a projection on the door trim to be inserted into the connector upon rotative assemblage of the door trim onto the door panel. Further, a projection is formed long into a rig and a connector has a rib insertion space having an opening from the front portion throughout the longitudinal ends and also a plurality of connectors are arranged in a line for enabling the plurality of connectors to be simultaneously connected with the projection.

Connector connecting structure
Application Number
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July 11, 1997
Publication Date
August 3, 1999
Keizo Nishitani
Shuji Takiguchi
Armstrong Westerman Hattori McLeland & Naughton
Yazaki Corporation
H01R 33/00
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