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A pointing device that enable an user to remotely control the position of a cursor (10) on the display means (20) of a computer or interactive TV (30) is disclosed. The cursor (10) on the display means (20) appears at the position pointed by the remote pointing device. The remote pointing device comprising a microprocessor based machine (30), display means (20), a cursor (10), pointing means (40), means for determining the position on the display means (20) pointed by the pointing means (40), and means for inputting into the microprocessor based machine (30) the position on the display means (20) pointed by the pointing means (40) as the position of the cursor (10). Two optical embodiments are described: the first one uses imaging devices (1150) and the second one uses light scopes (1400). Interactive monitors (1500) with capability of displaying invisible images and the methods of using the same are also described. Improved light scope (1400) are described as well. Among the six applications of the pointing devices, two applications are important for interactive televisions: the first application is to use the pointing device to make the ultimate remote control (1005) with one or two buttons (1010 and 1020), and the second application is to improve a conventional remote control (1000) by adding a pointing means (40) thereon.

Remote pointers for interactive televisions
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September 5, 1995
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July 20, 1999
Nong qiang Fan
1116 Banks #20, Houston, 77006
G09G 5/08
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