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A method and search apparatus for searching a database of records organizes results of the search into a set of most relevant categories enabling a user to obtain with a few mouse clicks only those records that are most relevant. In response to a search instruction from the user, the search apparatus searches the database, which can include Internet records and premium content records, to generate a search result list corresponding to a selected set of the records. The search apparatus processes the search result list to dynamically create a set of search result categories. Each search result category is associated with a subset of the records within the search result list having one or more common characteristics. The categories can be displayed as a plurality of folders on the user's display. For the foregoing categorization method and apparatus to work, each record within the database is classified according to various meta-data attributes (e.g., subject, type, source, and language characteristics). Because such a task is too much to do manually, substantially all of the records are automatically classified by a classification system into the proper categories. The classification system automatically determines the various meta-data attributes when such attributes are not editorially available from source.

Method and apparatus for searching a database of records
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May 1, 1997
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July 13, 1999
Marc F Krellenstein
Chestnut Hill
Testa Hurwitz & Thibeault
Northern Light Technology
G06F 17/30
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