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A system for loading an applet and its associated use rights into a smart card having other applets with associated use rights with values that change as the application is used is provided that stores, remotely from said smart card, an applet and use rights with a predetermined initial value, associated with the applet, and has a smart card having a processing unit, and a memory unit, the memory unit being connected to the processing unit and storing a second application having use rights. The smart card may be connected to said remote storage means, and the application, having use rights with a predetermined value, may be loaded from said remote storage means into said smart card. A smart card is also provided having a processor for executing an application, a memory, connected to the processor, for storing multiple applications, including a first application having first use rights and having first values associated with the first use rights, the first value changing from a predetermined initial value with use of the first use rights, a system for loading in the smart card a second application from a remote location over an interface, the second application having second use rights, a system for storing said second application into said memory in said smart card, and a system for changing the use rights of said first application and said second application. A method of replenishing the use rights in a smart card is also provided.

System and method for loading applications onto a smart card
Application Number
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August 30, 1996
Publication Date
July 13, 1999
Gilles Lisimaque
Patrice Peyret
Mountain View
Gray Cary Ware & Freidenrich
Gemplus S C A
G06K 7/01
G06F 15/16
G06F 13/00
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