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An ear speculum is provided for use with a standard otoscope for simultaneously viewing and removing an obstruction from a patient's ear canal. Alternative embodiments can perform like functions in other body canals. Affixed to the speculum is a guide tube through which an elongated, flexible probe may be passed into the ear canal without hindering visibility through the speculum. Various embodiments of the flexible probe function to grasp, suction, or cut obstructions within the ear canal. Additionally, the speculum may be used in conjunction with an embodiment of the probe designed to puncture a patient's eardrum and collect a sample of middle ear fluid which is subsequently released into the ear canal.

Speculum for simultaneously viewing and removing obstructions
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August 29, 1997
Publication Date
June 29, 1999
Jonathon S Sillman
8 Hayden Circle, Sudbury, 01776
Bromberg & Sunstein
A61B 1/227
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