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An arrangement (apparatus and method) for enabling subscribers to use an advanced intelligent network (AIN) services to use existing customer premises equipment to remotely provision their services. Subscribers use existing customer premises equipment, such as personal computers, to locally generate transaction data corresponding to AIN services. The transaction data is stored at the customer premises site in a conventional format, such as ASCII. A call from the customer premises equipment is routed to a security access server, also referred to as a firewall server. After complying with the appropriate security protocols, the service request including the transaction data is routed by the firewall server to an access server via a packet switched network. The access server receives the service request from the customer premises equipment in the conventional format. The access server translates the service request into one or more protocols used by network elements that provide the requested service. The access server routes the translated service requests to various AIN elements as needed to implement the service request, for example integrated service control point (ISCP) and one or more central office switches. The disclosed arrangement is particularly effective for AIN service applications requiring user input of a large amount of transaction data, such as a portable number calling application.

System and method for changing advanced intelligent network services from customer premises equipment
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October 4, 1995
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June 22, 1999
Scott Dulman
McDermott Will & Emery
Bell Atlantic Network Services
G06F 17/30
H04M 3/00
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