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An emitter pipe and coupling for use in an irrigation system wherein the emitter pipe includes inner and outer flexible plastic pipe with a pair of longitudinally extending spacers therebetween, the inner pipe having a plurality of longitudinally spaced openings therein confluent with a plurality of longitudinally spaced slots in the outer pipe. The end of the emitter pipe is received in a slot in the end of a rigid coupling with the inner wall of the slot having a plurality of barbs thereon engaging the interior of the pipe and the outer wall of the slot has a pressing element thereon for compressing the emitter pipe into a sealed and secure relationship with the coupling. The end of the inner wall of the coupling slot has several land areas of decreasing diameter so that by cutting off the desired land area, the volume of fluid passing through the coupling can be controlled.

Pipe couplings for irrigation systems
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October 6, 1997
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June 22, 1999
Philip H Graham
1311 48th Ave.N.E., St. Petersburg, 33703
Harold D Shall
E02B 13/00
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