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An Internet system for delivering information about products from the source of those products, typically the manufacturer, to those who need that information, such as product resellers and consumers. The system employs a product code translator, which may be implemented by one or more servers accessed via the Internet. The product code translator stores cross-references between product codes and the address of Internet resources which provide information about the products designated by the codes. Web pages produced by online resellers may display lists of products in response to search requests from customers, and provide the customer with detailed information about any listed product by incorporating links to the product information made available by the participating manufacturers using the cross-referenced addresses provided by the product code translator. Searchable databases may be complied by indexing product description data which is retrieved from the manufacturers' Internet sites using the Internet addresses provided by the product code translator.

Methods and apparatus for disseminating product information via the internet
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March 27, 1998
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June 15, 1999
Charles G Call
Four Pheasant Run, Hingham, 02043
G06F 5/00
G06F 15/163
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