05911252 is referenced by 153 patents and cites 14 patents.

A system and method for automated filling of one or more medical syringes with desired volume(s) and concentration(s) of an injectate solution, such as a contrast solution usable for medical imaging procedures (e.g., x-ray, MRI, ultrasound). The system may incorporate an automated syringe magazine which interfaces with the programmable system controller to deliver the desired number of syringes after the syringes have been filled. Also, the system may utilize a low-pressure pumping arrangement wherein a pumping device engages each receiving syringe and withdraws the plunger of the receiving syringe to pull the desired injectate solution into the receiving syringe by negative pressure.

Automated syringe filling system for radiographic contrast agents and other injectable substances
Application Number
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April 29, 1997
Publication Date
June 15, 1999
Douglas Cassel
1766 Port Manleigh Cir., Newport Beach, 92660-6622
Sereboff & Buyan
B65B 1/04
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