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The disclosed audio signal processing system produces an acoustic signal in a listening space and includes devices for generating a desired volume signal, a noise signal representative of ambient noise conditions in the listening space, and an audio signal. The system further includes a variable gain amplifier for amplifying the audio signal in response to a gain control signal and a device for generating the gain control signal in response to a volume control signal. The volume control signal is generated in response to the noise and desired volume signals so that the volume control signal increases in response to increases in the noise signal. The volume control signal increases at a rate of increase and the rate of increase decreases as the volume control signal increases.

Automatic noise compensation system for audio reproduction equipment
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September 21, 1995
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May 25, 1999
A Michael Dougherty
110 B Inman St., Cambridge, 02139
Lappin & Kusmer
H03G 3/20
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