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An apparatus and method for aerial refueling of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) wherein a laser receiver/transmitter on a target device towed by a host aircraft projects a reticle pattern aft of the host aircraft and a laser receiver/transmitter on a probe of the UAV is activated as the UAV is moved within the projected reticle pattern. Thereafter, a rangefinder guides the UAV towards the host aircraft until the laser transmitter/receiver of the UAV is aligned and boresighted with the laser transmitter/receiver of the host aircraft at which time the mode of the laser transmitter/receiver of the UAV alternates between a rangefinder mode and a modulation data link mode to transmit vital information concerning the UAV to the host aircraft. The probe on the UAV continues to move toward the drogue until the probe establishes contact within a receptacle structure of the drogue and is coupled thereto.

Method and apparatus for temporarily interconnecting an unmanned aerial vehicle
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November 14, 1997
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May 25, 1999
Donald Eckstein
5123 Bradfield Dr., Annandale, 22003
Robert M Downey P A
B64D 39/00
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