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The efficiency of progressing cavity pumps is drastically reduced if the liquid being pumped contains large volumes of gas. To alleviate this problem a gas separator is provided which can be attached to the suction of a downhole pump to remove gas from the liquid being pumped prior to the liquid entering the pump inlet. The separator has an elongate housing having an annular chamber with guides which direct the liquid gas mixture to flow in an annular path from the inlet to the outlet end. During this flow centrifugal forces act to displace the gas content to the central region from which it is removed via a separate central gas outlet so that liquid delivered to the pump inlet is greatly reduced in its gas content.

Continuous flow downhole gas separator for processing cavity pumps
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
August 12, 1997
Publication Date
May 11, 1999
Marcel Obrejanu
248 Riverbend Drive South East, Calgary, Alberta
Merchant Gould Smith Edell Welter & Schmidt
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