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An implantable ultrafiltration device for removing low to medium molecular weight solutes and fluids from the blood of a patient experiencing renal failure, the device including: a pump having an inlet and an outlet; a first component for forming a first fluid flow path between the patient's vascular system and the pump inlet; a filter interposed in the first fluid flow path, the filter being permeable to water and substantially impermeable to blood cells and proteins; and a second component for forming a second fluid flow path between the pump outlet and the patient's bladder, wherein the pump, the first and second components, and the filter are all constructed to be surgically implanted in the patient's body. For removing unwanted fluids from the blood of a patient experiencing renal failure the first component is connected in the vascular system of the patient and the second component is implanted in the patient's bladder or ureter; and the pump is then operated to cause fluid to flow through the filter at a controlled rate in order to maintain the volume of the blood in the vascular system and total body volume at a selected value. The infusion of peritoneal solution free of osmotic agents can also be carried out in conjunction with conventional hemodialysis or with operation of the implanted device.

Implantable device and method for removing fluids from the blood of a patient method for implanting such a device and method for treating a patient experiencing renal failure
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October 15, 1996
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May 11, 1999
Gary J Mishkin
Chevy Chase
Pillsbury Madison & Sutro
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