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The present invention relates generally to a new power device. More specifically, it creates hydrogen from supplied water and electricity. The hydrogen is then used in combination with air in an electrolysis-electrical cell to produce electric power. All of this is accomplished by first storing the hydrogen in a storage tank or section furnished for such storage, then converting the electricity, via a power converter, to power. Additionally, the power device of the present invention has a special feature whereby the electric power is created from the hydrogen stored in the above mentioned metal alloy hydride storage tanks. The present invention primarily comprises the following four components: (1) an energy source (i.e., a photovoltaic array to convert solar energy to electrical power; a windmill to collect wind power and convert it to electrical power; etc.); (2) a compressor which supplies the electrolysis-fuel cell with oxygen and the hydrogen storage tank with hydrogen from the atmosphere; (3) a hydrogen storage device (i.e., a solid metallic alloy hydride which stores hydrogen through a reversible chemical process); and (4) a hydrogen consumption device (i.e., an electrolysis-fuel cell which consumes the hydrogen released from the tanks (using a heat exchange process) to provide electricity which powers a motor).

Power device
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September 25, 1997
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May 4, 1999
Takeo Kagatani
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