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A monitoring system for remotely querying an individual includes a central computer system and at least one remote apparatus. The central computer system includes a server and a workstation networked to the server for entering a set of queries to be answered by the individual. The server includes a script generator for generating a script program to be executed by the apparatus. The script program includes display commands to display the queries, input commands to receive responses to the queries, and a transmit command to transmit the responses from the apparatus to the central computer system. The server also includes a database for storing the script program and the responses to the queries. The apparatus includes a modem for receiving the script program from the server and for transmitting the responses to the server. The apparatus also includes a display for displaying the queries and input buttons for entering the responses to the queries. A processor is connected to the modem, the display, and the input buttons. The processor executes the script program to display the queries, receive the responses, and transmit the responses to the central computer system.

Monitoring system for remotely querying individuals
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April 30, 1997
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April 27, 1999
Stephen J Brown
Mountain View
Lumen Intellectual Property Services
Health Hero Network
G06F 15/00
A61B 5/02
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