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A system for maintaining continuous and progressive game play in a computer network. The system includes at least one server and at least one game-playing client, in communication with each other through a computer network. Each server includes a memory storing game data which includes initial game data specifying an initial game state and which includes accumulated game data specifying updates to the initial game state. Either the server or the client includes memory storing knowledge base rules and storing an executable computer game program for applying the knowledge base rules to the game data. The executable computer game program generates responses to the client and updates the accumulated game data. The system optionally comprises a second game-playing client and a second server including memory which stores game data connected to the network. The game data in the second server may be derived from and identical to the game data in the first server, thereby establishing a second instance of the first server game state.

System and method for maintaining continuous and progressive game play in a computer network
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September 30, 1996
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April 6, 1999
Wei Yen
10431 Plum Tree La., Cupertino, 95014
Carr & Ferrell
A63F 9/24
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