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A novel hand held individually customized interactive integrated circuit device for nutrition and exercise management. Featuring built in Random Access Memory (RAM) Storage of extensive food lists with associated caloric and fat contents. The device also incorporates RAM storage of exercises with associated activity caloric values or rates. The basic unit utilizes the individual's personal characteristics such as sex, age, weight, height, frame size, life style and goals with programmed calculations to derive optimum suggested weight, metabolic rate, daily caloric/fat intake targets, exercise targets and exercise/daily calorie burning rates. The personalized hand held calorie computer tracks daily and historical individual caloric input/output, fat input, and weight which can be viewed in the form of charts and graphs. Alarms are provided in a variety of tones, sounds, and tunes which alert the individual to breach of prescribed optimum daily caloric/fat intake or signal special events such as times for medication, special eating intervals, and appointments. Additionally, it can be used with optional wireless activity sensing and odometer attachments already available in the market to automatically track/deduct burned calories from total daily caloric intake when walking, running, riding a bicycle, or performing other activities. The device is intended for use by individuals interested in increasing, decreasing or maintaining their body weight for personal or medical reasons. Optional medical programs take into consideration special dieting, medication and exercise requirements of patients with diabetes, high cholesterol, heart ailments, hypoglycemia and other diseases. Confidentiality is assured by use of a Personal Identification Number (PIN) which is selected and changed at will by the individual user. The device will be available in various languages. Other functions include a four function calculator and a clock/calendar.

Personalized hand held calorie computer (ECC)
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March 4, 1996
Publication Date
March 30, 1999
M Inez Genera
P. O. Box 294, Brea, 92622
H Benjamin Diaz
P. O. Box 294, Brea, 92622
G06F 17/00
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