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A rod gripping device, having a support member with a locking pin hole and a rod receiving hole, where the bores of each hole are situated perpendicular to each other, but parallel to a given plane that bisects the support, and where the bores of the holes intersect to form a common area shared by both bores. When a rod is inserted into the rod receiving bore, so that the rod occupies the common area shared by the bores, a set of angled wedges are situated on either side of the rod, with the wedges being located in the locking pin hole bore. A first wedge has a smooth bore through it, with the second wedge having a threaded bore. A locking pin is inserted through the first smooth bore wedge, which can slide along the shaft of the locking pin to the locking pin handle edge, with the second threaded bore wedge receiving the locking pin's threaded shaft portion. When the locking pin is rotated, the second threaded bore wedge moves towards the first smooth bore wedge, until the wedges are prevented from moving together by the rod portion in the common area. The wedges press against the rod, with the angled sides forcing the rod upward within the bore it occupies to create three points of friction, being that between the rod and the rod bore and that between each of the wedges.

Wedge lock rod gripper
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February 5, 1997
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March 30, 1999
David N Sherman
P.O. Box 109, Hamilton, 66853
Kelly A Brown
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Kris H Brown
331, Eureka, 67045
Bradley P Sylvester
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