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In its broadest context, the present invention is a system which enables a minor receptacle to be positioned within a major receptacle. The system employs a pair of bag supports formed from a length of wire. Each of the bag supports has a pair of identical ends. Each end includes an anchor portion and a bag supporting portion. The bag supporting portion is defined by first and second angled extents which define first and second distances. The first distance is adapted to be positioned over the peripheral edge of the major receptacle while the second distance is adapted to receive the peripheral edge of the minor receptacle. In this fashion the minor receptacle is supported within the major receptacle.

Bag supporting system
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August 25, 1997
Publication Date
March 30, 1999
Minh Dang Son Nguyen
1130 S. State College Rd., Anaheim, 92806
B65D 1/06
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