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A collision avoidance device for an aircraft of the type comprises means for the geographical localization of the aircraft, means for the computation, for each geographical place, of a safety floor above which the aircraft must be positioned, means to predict the position in the air of the aircraft between a first given instant and a second given instant and means to compare the predicted position in the air of the aircraft with respect to the specified security floor. The safety floor, which is used for the comparison, is consolidated beforehand by means of a sensor that detects the obstacles in a forward sector of the aircraft and provides means with measurements enabling the computation of the altitude of these obstacles with respect to a reference level. The disclosed device has the advantage of enabling a reduction in the risk of delayed alarms and harmful alarms.

Collision avoidance device for aircraft, especially for avoiding collisions with the ground
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March 13, 1996
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March 16, 1999
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Xavier Denoize
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