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In a still-image camera for taking a plurality of still-images of divisions of an object area and synthesizing the still images to obtain a highly fine image, an improvement is made to realize reduction in memory capacity and in processing time for image synthesizing, thus assuring real-time image processing at a reduced cost. The still-image camera includes an image input portion for picking-up a plurality of still-pictures of divisions of an object area, a divided image compressing portion for generating compressed divided-area images by compressing the divided still-images input from the image input portion, and a synthesizing information extracting portion for extracting information necessary for image synthesizing from the divided-area images input from the image input portion before compression. The still image camera further includes a compressed divided-image storage for storing therein compressed divided-area images and a compressed divided-image synthesizing portion for synthesizing compressed divided-area images stored in the compressed divided-image storage to a compressed entire-area image according to the synthesizing information extracted from the divided-area images by the synthesizing information extracting portion.

Still-image taking camera
Application Number
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April 19, 1996
Publication Date
March 9, 1999
Hiroshi Akagi
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha
H04N 5/225
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