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The present invention is a polyaxial locking screw plate assembly for immobilization of vertebral bones, via fixation to surfaces thereof. The assembly includes a plate, having an upper portion and a lower portion, each of which has a pair of tapered holes, into which holes coupling elements and bone screws may be inserted. The upper part of the holes further includes an annularly recessed channel in which a snap-ring is disposed. The coupling elements each have an axial taper which matches the taper of the holes, and an interior semi-spherical concave surface in which the semi-spherical head of a bone screw may be polyaxially mounted. The bone screws are inserted through the holes until the coupling element engages and expands the snap-ring. Once the coupling element is fully seated in the hole, thereby locking the screw in place and the coupling element in the hole, the snap-ring contracts to its undeflected position and prevents the coupling element and screw from backing out of the hole in the event of loosening.

Anterior spinal polyaxial locking screw plate assembly having recessed retaining rings
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March 29, 1996
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March 2, 1999
James D Ralph
71 Manito Ave., Oakland, 07436
Thomas J Errico
5 Crest Acre Ct., Summit, 07901
Joseph P Errico
150 Douglas Rd., Far Hills, 07931
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