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A GPS receiver in one embodiment includes an antenna which receives GPS signals at an RF frequency from in view satellites; a downconverter coupled to the antenna for reducing the RF frequency of the received GPS signals to an intermediate frequency (IF); a digitizer coupled to the downconverter and sampling the IF GPS signals at a predetermined rate to produce sampled IF GPS signals; a memory coupled to the digitizer storing the sampled IF GPS signals (a snapshot of GPS signals); and a digital signal processor (DSP) coupled to the memory and operating under stored instructions thereby performing Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) operations on the sampled IF GPS signals to provide pseudorange information. These operations typically also include preprocessing and post processing of the GPS signals. After a snapshot of data is taken, the receiver front end is powered down. The GPS receiver in one embodiment also includes other power management features and includes, in another embodiment the capability to correct for errors in its local oscillator which is used to sample the GPS signals. The calculation speed of pseudoranges, and sensitivity of operation, is enhanced by the transmission of the Doppler frequency shifts of in view satellites to the receiver from an external source, such as a basestation in one embodiment of the invention.

GPS receiver utilizing a communication link
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March 8, 1996
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February 23, 1999
Norman F Krasner
San Carlos
Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman
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H04B 7/185
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