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An apparatus, method, and computer program product for information filtering in a computer system receiving a data stream from a computer network, the data stream having raw informons embedded therein, at least one of the raw informons being of interest to a user, the user being a member client of a community. The method includes the steps of providing a dynamic informon characterization having profiles encoded therein, including an adaptive content profile and an adaptive collaboration profile; adaptively filtering the raw informons responsive to the dynamic informon characterization, and producing a proposed informon; presenting the proposed informon to the user; receiving a feedback profile from the user, responsive to the proposed informon; adapting the adaptive content profile, the adaptive collaboration profile, or both responsive to the feedback profile; and updating the dynamic informon characterization responsive to the previous adapting step. The apparatus includes a plurality of processors for providing interactive, distributed filtering of information, extracted from a computer network data stream in response to multiple attribute profiles.

Information system and method for filtering a massive flow of information entities to meet user information classification needs
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April 4, 1996
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February 2, 1999
Donald M Kosak
415 Ohio River Blvd., Pittsburgh, 15202
Andrew K Lang
5702 Darlington Ave., Apt. #2, Pittsburgh, 15217
Morgan Lewis & Bockius
G06F 17/30
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