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The present invention is a method and apparatus for integrating a personal communication system with a cable television plant. A set of radio antenna devices (RAD) are connected to the cable plant. The RADs provide frequency conversion and power control of signal received from the cable plant for wireless transmission to the remote units. The RADs also provide power control and frequency conversion of wireless signals received from the remote units for transmission by the RADs onto the cable plant. In addition to the functions of standard base stations and centralized controller, the CATV base station must also compensate for gain variations in the cable plant. The downstream power control is regulated by a RAD reference signal which can be hidden within the CDMA signal for maximum efficiency. The upstream power control is regulated by an upstream gain reference signal which is individually transmitted by each RAD on the upstream link. The architecture of the present invention lends itself to a great deal of flexibility. Each RAD can operate as either an element of a distributed antenna or a base station sector unto itself. The function of each RAD as distributed antenna or as sector can be remotely programmed from the headend processor. Thus the capacity density of the system can be changed to accommodate the changing traffic density. The flexibility also is important at system deployment. When the system is deploy, the entire system may feed only one sector at the base station thus reducing the start-up cost of implementing a system. As system traffic increases, more resources can simply be added at the headend to provide more capacity.

Method and apparatus for integration of a wireless communication system with a cable T.V. system
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February 8, 1996
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February 2, 1999
Charles E Wheatley III
Del Mar
Lindsay A Weaver Jr
Richard F Dean
Bruce W Greenhaus
Russell B Miller
Qualcomm Incorporated
H04Q 7/38
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