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The invention provides a spinal disc implant comprising a ring shaped body including a first pair of opposed substantially parallel sides spaced apart by a second pair of opposed sides to define a central bore. A first one of the second pair of sides defines a substantially arcuate curve joining a first end of the first pair of sides. A second one of the second pair of opposed sides substantially linearly joins a second end of the first pair of sides. The upper and lower surfaces of the ring shaped body have a plurality of teeth extending therefrom for engaging adjacent vertebrae. The implant is made of a biocompatible metal such as titanium or an alloy thereof, and the first and second sides tapering from the second end to the first end. The interior space may have a porous hydroxyapatite block shaped to fill the interior space. The porous hydroxyapatite substance helps the prosthesis integrate into the vertebral structure by allowing one grow into the pores.

Prosthetic intervertebral disc
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March 5, 1996
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February 2, 1999
John S Thalgott
600 S. Rancho, Ste 107, Las Vegas, 89106
Cooper & Dunham
A61F 2/44
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