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A pet toy has an elongated hollow body extending along a longitudinal axis with first and second spaced bulbous sections, each having a side wall of substantially constant cross-section throughout. The first and second sections each include respective first and second openings defining respective first and second diameters. A center section has an inner surface forming a center opening of a third diameter which is less than at least one of the first and second diameters. The center section interconnects the first and second bulbous sections. A plurality of longitudinally spaced annular ribs extend around the periphery of the bulbous sections forming grooves to facilitate an animal gripping the toy with its teeth. At least one of the bulbous ends has an opening with a diameter greater than the diameter of the center section so that a knot of a pull rope extending through the center of the pet toy will pass through the opening in the bulbous section but will not pass through the center section. Edible food treats can be placed in the pet toy through the opening(s) in the respective bulbous sections and center section which can be removed by the pet biting down on the pet toy and deforming the side wall. When the teeth of the animal deform an end of the pet toy, the ribs deflect inwardly to clean the teeth and/or massage the gums. In a second embodiment, the pet toy has a hollow core of substantially constant cross-section.

Bouncing pet toy
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March 12, 1998
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February 2, 1999
Joseph P Markham
Fields and Johnson P C
A01K 29/00
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