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A cellular telephone battery having the functions of auto answering, hand-free listening and speaking, low power control, power wake up control, battery protection, and quick charging. The battery includes an auto-answer and hand-free control unit connected to the mainframe of the cellular telephone, a set of control buttons, a microphone, an indicator light, and a speaker respectively mounted on the outside for operation by the user to control the auto-answer and hand-free control unit, the auto-answer and hand-free control unit including an encoder/decoder/storage unit and two exchanging units controlled by the control buttons to achieve the specified functions.

Cellular telephone battery with auto-answering and hand-free functions
Application Number
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August 13, 1996
Publication Date
January 26, 1999
Chih Cheng Chiang
No. 162, Ta-Yu Str., Hsi-Tun Dist., Taichung
Bacon & Thomas PLLC
H04M 1/00
H04B 1/38
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